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Welcome to Side Seven Exports. Your new online resource for limited and Japan exclusive Gunpla. Shipping is always free. Please read the information section carefully before making a purchase.

Discount Codes:

ALLITEM5% - Buy two or more items and receive 5% off the entire order.

SDHGRGTOOLS - Buy two or more HGs, RGs, SDs and tools and receive 10% off.

MGRE100METAL - Buy two or more MGs, RE/100s or Metal Builds and get $5 off of each item.

PGMEGASIZE - Buy one or more PG or Mega Size kits, get $15 off of each item.

TAMVERGE12 - Buy two or more Tamashii Nation or Converge figures and get 12% off of each item.

EQUIPTOOL25 - Buy two or more items from the Tools & Equipment section and get 25% off each item.

Thank you for your business.


Gunpla Gus 

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