Site and Shipping Update!

I wanted to share with you all a few important updates. Let's start with shipping. The good news is that the shipping restrictions from Japan Post have been lifted or partially lifted for a few countries. Unfortunately, due to worsening Covid-19 Pandemic, a number of countries, such as the U.S. can still only receive Surface Mail for the foreseeable future. Surface Mail, as you all know will take 2-3 months to deliver your orders. I will continue to use Surface Mail in countries where it is the only viable option, until Airmail is completely restored. Please keep checking back for updates. Use THIS LINK to see where your country currently stands.

Next, I finally got around to updating the website's INFORMATION page. It is now more clear and detailed, to help address some of the most common questions I've gotten since opening up shop. Please be sure to read it carefully before making a purchase.

And finally, if things have seemed slower that usual this past month in regards to shipping, announcements and correspondence, let me first apologize for the slow down. There's a reason for it. I've been working on something big. Can't say what it is just yet. But when its done, it's going to allow me to dramatically improve how I run my business and, more importantly how quickly I can ship out your purchases. Check back in a week or two for what will hopefully be a big announcement. Thank you all for your business and patience in these complicated times. 

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  • Just wanted to say I am a new customer and I am thankful I found you. Thank you for doing this and I look forward to ordering more. Cheers!

    • Michael Stipes

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