Airmail to Canada has been suspended!

Some unfortunate news. Airmail and EMS have been suspended for Canada. This Is particularly annoying because I had a large airmail shipment ready to go today, half of which was destined for Canada. I will be switching to Surface Mail, as I have been doing for the US and other countries with suspended airmail. Surface mail can take 2-3 months to deliver a package. There is also the option of Yamato Transport. I’ve been hesitant to offer it because it is a little more time consuming to prepare than Japan Post shipments. While they are fast, and reasonably priced when compared to FedEx or DHL, they are still relatively pricey when compared to Japan Post. The link below can be used to give you an idea of the price break downs. If you’re interested in using Yamato, please let me know and I’ll give you an exact estimate for the added postage to your order. Please keep in mind that I have a large number of emails and DMs to answer, so it may take a while for me to get back to you. I sincerely apologize for this outcome. Please keep in mind that progress is being made. I have a about 180 orders shipping on Monday and many more going out soon after.

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