It’s October 31st! Do You Know What That Means?

It's the 121-215th pre-anniversary of the Dublin Colony Drop from the First Neo Zeon War, depending on when you believe the Universal Century is supposed to begin. To mark the occasion, Side Seven Exports will be having its first ever Colony Drop Sale! Three times a year we'll be randomly dropping prices like a colony falling out of Earth's orbit, onto an unsuspecting populace. For the first Colony Drop Sale we'll be discounting all mobile suit models related to the Gryps and First Neo Zeon Wars. If you're a big AoZ, Zeta, or ZZ fan and don't live in the Greater Dublin Area, then it's your lucky day.

Use the codes COLONYDROP12 for 12% off a single kit, COLONYDROP17 for 17% off two to five kits, and COLONYDROP22 for 22% off six or more kits. Limit one use per customer for each code. Act now! That colony is falling fast!

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