I'll be doing this fulltime soon!

As you all may know, back in June I received a flood of new business to my shop. More than I could handle as things currently stood. So the first thing I did was start looking for a new shop space so that I could better handle the new workload. Four months, a ton of paperwork and bureaucracy later, I finally have the new shop, a new visa, and this permit, all of which will allow me to make this business my main focus. I’ve already sent my resignation letter to my employer. In two weeks time, Side Seven Exports will be my full time gig. Thank you again to everyone for your support and patience. I apologize for delays and the slow progress. Shipments will start ramping up soon.

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  • GUS CONRATZ!!!! I think it’s so cool that you get to make this your business!!! You have been providing a service to us in the US for years, and your reliability went as far as to reach me one day, to which I have no regrets and love the kits I have gotten from you. I am thankful that a business like you exists. Thank you for being you. Congrats to you and your wife for getting married, and officially “starting” this business together! I look forward to ordering from you again soon

    • Pete g
  • Happy for you!
    I hope everything works for you and your business. Business growing isn’t always easy as you have to change and improve your logistics, but I am sure you will be succesful. Thank you for your work.
    I will keep buying from you!

    • Victor
  • Congratulations! I’ll definitely be buying most or all of my P-Bandai kits here for the foreseeable future. We finally do have access to P-Bandai here in America, but it was almost always IMPOSSIBLE to get an order in for the really interesting kits. Doesn’t help that their emails don’t do a good job letting me know when a kit I would be interested in is available for preorder. At least with you, if something does happen to sell out I can be sure I’ll still be able to preorder for the next production run. I really do hope the business does well for you, because you are doing an absolute service to all non-Japanese builders.

    • An
  • Congrats! Super happy for you. You are literally the one person who I recommend everyone I know to buy P-Bandai/GBase from. Keep it up and good luck Gus!

    • Kevin

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